Product Development Consultancy

Product development is an end-to-end solution, the overall process of planning, organization, concept generation, development, marketing plan creation, and commercialization of either a new software product, modification of an existing software product or simply software maintenance.

Successful product development requires a great deal of domains as well as architecture and expertise and for companies with core areas of operation other than software development it means redirection of funds.

Outsourcing of product development is the only solution to this problem.Today, almost all companies are emphasizing on outsourcing their product development projects so that they can limit their internal capabilities and focus only on success because that is the only way they can survive in a highly competitive industry.

Selvam Softech possesses the expertise and equipment to design and develop software products and applications.

We follow a component-based development approach, which combined with our understanding of the entire product development processes enable us to help our clients with products at reduced costs.

For us, product development is just too different from standard software development models, demanding not only the perspective to share the managerial burden of developing, but also sharing business target and selling abilities of the product at the same time. But, over and above, we lay our thrust in understanding customer needs to devise optimum design and development strategies that would enable them to market their product quickly.

IT Strategy Formulation, Planning, Advisory and Reviews

Most organizations utilize technology to run their business but leading companies exploit technology to give them the competitive edge.

Hence, many senior executives are beginning to realize the importance of IT projects & capabilities to their business and the need to engage external expertise on such areas.

Selvam Softech offers a full range of IT planning, advisory and review services to help our clients maximize their technology investments to gain competitive advantage.

We distinguish ourselves from others with our personalized approach in our engagements and our hands on approach in understanding our clients business needs.

We have the capability to undertake research and evaluations rapidly, all aimed at supporting you in maximizing the potential value of a deal and provide expert assessments of the optimal terms, based on comparisons, market dynamics and investment opportunities.